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Our Practice

About 3000 years ago, in China, Five Element Theory was introduced.  This theory is a way to looking at the world, relating elemental phases to weather, seasons, health, sounds and many other things.  It is one of the diagnostic theories of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine(TCVM) which has has been proven and tested for millennia.  Dr. Mathis uses all  five branches of TCVM - Acupuncture, Herbs, Tuina (massage), Food Therapy and Qi Gong (energy work) to lead your pet back to health. Her excellent Western medical training at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine allows her to interpret and integrate any on-going Western treatments your pet is receiving. Integrating Eastern and Westerns medicines insures your pet is receiving the best of both worlds, so Dr. Mathis tries to work closely with your regular Western vet.

Behavior problems can disrupt any family. With over 20 years of professional training experience Dr. Mathis uses positive reinforcement and client education to seek solutions to behavior problems in both dogs and cats. 

NAET was one of the first alternative therapies Dr. Mathis studied.  It is based on a theory that the frequency an allergen gives off is reacting with the frequency the patient is emitting resulting in an allergic symptom (watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, wheezing,..).  To treat, NAET uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine allergens based on energetic imbalances, then uses acupuncture points to rebalance the body .

ANT (Animal normalization technique) is Dr. Mathis’ latest training.  Related to Osteopathic techniques she uses gentle techniques to realign bones, organs, tissues and vessels allowing the body access to areas that need blood. Animals seem to love the work and often fall asleep during treatments.

All patients are treated in your home as house calls.  Areas include San Jose area, Santa Cruz area and Palo Alto area. Call for an appointment today!

Sustainability is very important to us.  Dr. Mathis drives a VW Jetta that runs on biodiesel.  We make every effort to buy organic and believe that this is healthier for everyone.  Our shipping and office materials are made from recycled materials whenever possible.  Take care of our planet to take care of each other.


Our Mission 

To restore a healthy balance to the animals in your family. 

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